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Voice of Signorians

Mr. Tejas Raikundaliya  

-  Sr. Sales Officer- (Export Division)

I am Sincerely grateful to Signor Polymers Pvt. Ltd for providing an opportunity to me in the department which gives me an exposure to the international markets. This enables me to research the potential of the World Market and coin the name for Signor Polymers Pvt. Ltd on the World Map.

I am serving this beautiful Organization since May-2009. In this tenure I have developed as a professional person in the field of legalities of exports as well as upgraded my skills to cater the international markets.

The most important aspect of my development was the improvement of my communication skills, which is a pre-requisite to serve the International Markets.

I believe that this is an organization that takes a lot of pain to develop and empower overall aspect of the human value system.

Mr. Ronald A. Francis  

-  General Manager – Sales & Marketing Department

I am associated with Signor since 2010. As I am heading Sales Department which is also known as the lifeline of any Organization, I have learned to be proactive, enthusiastic, self-confident, self - Observant, Responsible, Planner, cheerfulness, managing complexities/ pressures in all situation & same flows in the DNA of my Team, which has yielded a growth of 200% in the past 2 years & have the guts to further challenge our status quo by nearly doubling the production in the next year. I have implanted in my Team to have the same killer instincts & increase their productivity to achieve desired results before deadlines.

I have been more self-aware & believe to build on the foundation of integrity & ethics which has developed me as a Professional & enabled me to take both success & failure with the same equanimity. I have discovered a Leader within me.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN: “ SIGNOR ” is called a TALENT FACTORY. Our Culture in workplace lures opportunities. It not only boosts one’s growth but shapes up the future of an individual. This is the only place where there is an absolute alignment between the top management & the employees. All share a common futuristic vision. Joining in this Organization gives purpose to your life, far ahead than materialist gains & short terms benefits, it gives a clear vision to your future & your goal in life.

This Organization also grooms up the hidden talent in you & recognizes your smallest achievement & transforms you to achieve bigger success in your professional & personal life. Our Motto is we value each & every employee as an indispensable human asset rather than term as mere Operational tools, giving each one a sense of belonging & a great place to work & dwell. In the new era, where every person’s actions have the potential to have a global impact, WE (Signor) redefine what it means to be a True Professional.

Mr. Durgesh B. Mall  

-  Plant Manager (PP-Section)

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Few years back, I migrated to Gujarat to explore something new at the age of 41 and believe me my experience has been marvellous. My personal development at Signor Polymers Pvt. Ltd has been immense and it encompasses professional achievement along with stability, personal growth, success and fulfilment of my dreams.

One of the significant things that I have learned at Signor Polymers was developing oneself to take important decisions independently and putting one’s views in front of the top management without any hesitation. However, the most life-changing development in my personality came with learning to align myself with strategic planning and long-term goals of the organization.

A part of my development program involves building human capital for the organization at the individual level as per our needs and carrying out tasks in predetermined time.

We have the best programs for training and development of professional and technical skills of our employees that enhance company growth, personal development, skills and knowledge.

For fresher’s, our organization provides a great platform to kick-start their career and the best chance to use their potential, knowledge & skill for the growth of the company.

Mr. Harshul Savaliya  

-  Plant Manager - 20 Years Experience

"Normally, wise people read History only Crazy people can create history"

My Journey with signor has been very exciting; I was one of the major contributors during the inception of Signor Polymers.

"Give man a fish, it will feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, it will feed him for a lifetime."

With the support of our Director, I have enriched myself with many management qualities like Decision Making, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling and as a result of this now I am looking after all the way a new product line.

Through this rigorous work Signorians are Empowered and Enabled.

Mr. Haresh Thaker  

-   Purchase Department

The responsibility of purchase departments comes with ownership.I have gained profound knowledge of the PP & PET industries during my tenure, which has helped in my personal and professional development.